Vehicle Documentation

This process can be done through the use of forensic mapping equipment (an EDM as previously defined) with which a detailed, accurate three-dimensional model is created by capturing points on the vehicle with a data collection device. Forensic mapping is particularly effective when there is extensive damage done to a vehicle, as it is a […]

Forensic Mapping

A mapping crew utilizes an electronic distance measurement (or EDM) device to take accurate measurements of the roadway and overall scene of the accident. Any remaining physical evidence, such as skid marks or gouges are identified and can be used to determine placement of the vehicles involved. If necessary, additional three-dimensional data may be collected […]

Preliminary Analysis

PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS A Preliminary Analysis consists of a review of the materials provided by our staff collision analysts. The Traffic Collision Report is summarized and any available photographs are analyzed. Diagrams of vehicle damage are prepared and preliminary calculations of vehicle speed and paths are determined. This analysis results in initial findings that are communicated […]